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Estacada's Christmas Festival of Choirs

December 17, 2010

If you missed the Festival at the Estacada Auditorium on December 11th, you missed a really fun, musical, community-built evening.

This festival has been going for nearly 20 years, and was organized to provide an opportunity for all the local church, school and community choirs to get together for an evening of sacred Christmas music. The idea was to promote vocal music in a seasonal event, and it is definitely achieving its purpose. Besides the church and school choirs that participate every year, three community-based choirs and an orchestra have made this festival an annual tradition well worth attending. 

This year's event began with a prelude by the entire OrchEstraCada. Twenty-seven members played Christmas tunes for a very attentive audience. Violins, flutes, cellos, basses, guitars and one viola demonstrated their discipline, technique, and musicality to the delight of the concert-goers. 

Springwater Presbyterian's choir sang next, followed by GoVocal!, Estacada's new show choir of talented and dedicated young people led by Stacey Hartung. Estacada Madrigals, Estacada LDS choir, Porter Mennonites, and Estacada High School's Concert Choir also performed. Betweeen each set, the high school's Troubadors sang carols while choirs filed on and off the stage. 

Finally, the Christmas Community Choir sang selections from "The Messiah," accompanied by  a small orchestra composed of two basses, piano, cello, viola, flute, and two violins. All members of the audience were invited to come join the choir, and many did, for a rousing rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus.

Afterwards, snacks were served in the cafeteria, to allow guests and musicians to mingle, visit, and hatch their plans for next year. I hope you'll be there!

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